Stylled Solution Business / App Demo Video from Stylled Solutions on Vimeo.

Disruptive Technology

According to Goldman Sach's 2012 report, the online e-commerce market is growing at 19% to $1 Trillion by 2013. The driving factor behind the growth is online fashion sales, which is the fastest growing sector. Unfortunately, while sales have increased, the way retailers sell and consumers buy fashion products haven't changed much in the last decade. A simple "size M" indication is not enough. Furthermore, most people do not know what looks good on their body. Professional stylists uses various visual factors in styling someone. This includes body proportions, body type, visual aspects and personal styling prferences. If consumers don't know what looks good on them, they are shopping blind. Improfit fit (size) and unsatisfactory styling are the driving factors in causing merchandise returns - which costs fashion brands and retailers millions of dollars in lost revenue while also causing significant inconvenience to the shoppers. Well, Stylled is about to change all of that!

Where we are right now.

Seed Stage

2 years of research and countless amount of brain-storming sessions laid down the groundwork for Stylled. System architect with complete wireframing is completed. Co-founders and key personnel staff has been put together. Styling alogorithm and computer vision measurement system is in progress.

Funding Stage

In order for Stylled to be fully operational, seed investment is required to recruit top talents around the world. Stylled is currently seeking angel investors and/or venture capital companies who can share our vision and work together as a member of our team.

Launch Stage

Both small online retailers and large, global fashion brands have expressed keen interesting in utilizing Stylled Solutions. Initial test phase will begin as soon as it's ready, with full integration expected to follow. Online e-commerce website integration will be launched first, however, priority will be given to our mobile app platforms.